The ABlyft Snippet was developed with speed in mind.
If you have chosen the right place for the implementation and haven't switch to asynchronous loading the snippet should serve you experiments without any visual impact.

Prevent Flickering

Sometimes an experiment takes some time to finish execution. Especially huge changes in layout could lead to a "flickering".
If this occures you have to choice to activate "Anti-Flicker" here: "Project > Snippet".

The default is "off". You can change it whenever you need or don't need it. 

Technical Details

Almost iImmidiately when the snippet loads it will set "visibility: hidden" to the HTML tag. Later the style is set back to "visibility: visible".
Later means:

  • after all experiments were executed
  • not later 2 seconds after loading the snippet
<html style="visibility: visible;" lang="en">
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