You can specify the maximum amount of time the Snippet will be considered fresh. That means it will stay in the visitors browser cache for that time insteas of loading it from the ABlyft CDN.
The longer the time, the better the performance. But Visitors have to wait that time before a change made on the snippet is applied.

Advantages and Drawbacks of a long or short TTL

Thoughts about a longer TTL

  • The snippet won't always come from the CDN - it already is in the visitor's browser
  •  If you don't frequently change Variations, Pages, Audiences or Goals it could make sense to set it to a longer TTL. In this case "15 minutes" is recommended
  • On the other hand this is the time your changes won't have any impact on the visitors experience (when the snippet have already been cached)

Thoughts about a shorter TTL (or even disables Cache)

  • If you disable caching, the snippet will always load from the CDN - so your changes on the visitors experiences will apply immediately
  • This could be handy when you develop or debug an expiment on your live stage
  • If you frequently make changes, leave it on the default value of "1 minute"
    This is the best option for productive environments. 

Where to change the Caching Time (TTL)

 You can change it under "Project > Snippet"

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