Whether a page is valid is determined by URL targets and JavaScript rules.

URL Targets

A URL target is defined by three criteria:

  1. Decide whether the specified URL makes the Page to be valid or not (include/exclude)
  2. Define the Part of the URL (or RegEx) - to be checked by the given Match Type 
  3. Define the Match Type 

"Include" and "Exclude" is connected by "AND" - so every URL Target has to be true to make the Page valid.

Match Types

Simple Match: Query (GET) and hash parameters are ignored. 

Exact Match: Query (GET) and hash parameters are checked.

Substring Match: Check if a certain part is in the URL. Usefull for targeting a set/type of pages. 

Regular Expression: Check the current URL with a regular expression.

Match Types Examples

Simple Match
Entered URL:   https://companywithbrain.com

https://companywithbrain.com           => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/          => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/?bla=blo  => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/home      => FALSE
https://companywithbrain.co.uk         => FALSE

Exact Match
Entered URL:   https://companywithbrain.com

https://companywithbrain.com           => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/?bla=blo  => FALSE

Entered URL:   https://companywithbrain.com?bla=blo

https://companywithbrain.com/?bla=blo      => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com               => FALSE
https://companywithbrain.com/?bla=blo&x=a  => FALSE

Substring Match
Entered URL:   /product/

https://companywithbrain.com/product/fancy-blue-shirt => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/product/red-carpet-look  => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/product/sub/whatever     => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/products/overview        => FALSE

Regular Expression
Entered URL:   /news/(vips|styles|dresses).*

https://companywithbrain.com/news/vips           => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/news/styles         => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/news/styles/latest  => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/news/dinners        => FALSE
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