ABlyft provides many ways to target visitor behavior. In concrete terms, there is not only the possibility of targeting new visitors or returning visitors, but also work with specific times, etc.
Here you will find some examples that you can easily customize according to your needs.

The User.visits Object

A JavaScript object "User.visits" is available in Audience Targeting. This is structured as follows (here with example data).

Advance notice: 

  1. A Unix timestamp describes the seconds since 01.01.1970 UTC. 
  2. The terms "Sessions" and "Visits" are to be understood synonymously.
   first: 1542899138,  //Unix Timestamp of first Visit
   last: 1542965184,   //Unix Timestamp of last Visit (last Pageview)
   pageviews: 11,      //Number of all Visits
   sessions: 5,        //Number of all Pageviews
   pageviewsSession: 2 //Number of Pageviews of the current Visit


Audience "New Visitor"

return User.visits.sessions == 1;

Audience "Returning Visitor"

return User.visits.sessions > 1;

Audience "Daily Visitor"

Visitors who came at least once per day in average and have visited at least 7 times.

if(User.visits.sessions >= 7){
   var daysSinceFirstSession = (User.visits.last-User.visits.first) / (60*60*24);
   var avgSessionsPerDay = User.visits.sessions / daysSinceFirstSession;
   if(avgSessionsPerDay >= 1){
      return true;

Audience "Browsing Visitor"

Visitors who are visiting many (>=10) Sites in the current Session/View (i.e. browsing Products or Articles). 

return User.visits.pageviewsSession >= 10;
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