Normally, targeting (the checking of conditions) takes place at experiment level. There, the who (audiences) and where (pages) are checked.
However, there are cases where a project should generally not run. Although this could be solved for each experiment as an audience, this condition is then redundant and therefore not easy to maintain.
To manage such a query centrally and to check the condition before running a project, there are prerequisites for each project.

Examples of when prerequisites make sense:

  • You are using a Cookie Consent Procedure with the possibility of opting out
  • You are using a Cookie Opt-In Procedure¬†
  • Visitors should have at least Internet Explorer with version 11
  • Visitors should not be logged into your system (i.e. employees)
  • There are certain pages on which no experiments are supposed to run

Example: Exclusion of Internet Explorer below Version 11 

This leads to a stop in the program flow - the project is not further processed (in a Browser below IE 11).

Where to find/set the Project's Prerequisites Rules?

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